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We Understand Your Expectations
At Zimbra, we know the high expectations an organization can put on IT. When it comes to your advising you on your IT needs, we learn and understand the various domain everyday as we work on IT projects that span across various industries. And when it comes to your software development or operational needs, we are able to use our experience gained from serving similar verticals industries to understand the challenges being faced by your organization and the best solutions available for you.
We Deliver Solutions that Help You Get More
Zimbra Technologies believes you can get more. More innovation. More productivity. More reliability. More availability. More value. Our philosophy reflects in the talent that we hire and retain, the solutions that we develop and the processes we put in place to help your IT operations.
Our specialized technical consultants let you get more out of your business by bringing in the IT expertise and deep vertical domain knowledge with them. Our system administrators work around the clock to let you get more out of your IT resources by simplifying, streamlining and securing your infrastructure. Our engineers design, develop and maintain sophisticated solutions to solve complex problems facing your business and let you get more by innovating at each step of the way.
Passion for Technology
We want to make sure that we are not considered another technology company on the block. Our sophisticated recruitment process ensures that we bring only those consultants and engineers on board that have a genuine passion for technology. We firmly believe that the most important ingredient driving individual performance is doing what one likes to do.
Obsession with Innovation
Innovation runs through our work culture. We are constantly coming up with ways to stimulate the minds of our workforce and spur creativity; be it the weekly idea brainstorming sessions or attendance at leading technology seminars. We build this innovation into our products and services, helping you address your toughest IT challenges.
Continued Focus
Like you, we must constantly adapt to advancements in technology. But even as our markets evolve and expand, we remain committed and focused on improving the value that IT investments can bring to your organization. At Zimbra, we want to help you get more - every day.
Zimbra Technologies
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