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Popularity of online social networking
The popularity of online social networking in the recent days has completely transformed the notion of how we interact with people and media. Every day more and more users are flocking to social networking sites like myspace, facebook, linkedin and others to interact with friends, play games, share recommendations and do much more. The gap between real world identities and virtual identities is closing fast. People are increasingly looking for more engagement, more personalized content and more interaction with the brands and products they like
How it affects your business strategy
This presents new challenges and amazing avenues for harnessing the attention of your potential customers. Reaching out to these users within the social context of things is important for every brand that wants to extend their reach and drive word of mouth about their products and services. Businesses have to innovate to create social applications and widgets that these users would find useful or fun. Every modern business should consider social marketing as an important aspect of their comprehensive marketing strategy.
How we can help
We can help you tap into the social media space with interesting social applications and widgets that extend your brand awareness with users in a fun and engaging way. We have a team of developers and analysts dedicated to the social media domain that is always on the edge of latest web 2.0 frameworks and API's. You define the concept, we work with you to refine it based on our experience, and we design and deploy it within weeks. Here are some of the tools and technologies that we are working with:
point Facebook applications
point Myspace applications
point Linkedin applications
point Google OpenSocial
point Google Social Graph
point Twitter integration
point Widgets and gadgets
point Online mashups
point And much more...
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